Chef Jenna Heller

Jenna is certified in Culinary Nutrition from the Natural Gourmet Institute, holds a BA from Syracuse University and is a CMS L1 and ASA certified sommelier. Jenna works as a private chef, curating custom catered appetizer, brunch & speciality boards. She also offers multiple cooking, wine education and food & wine pairing classes. She is the founder of Jar Bar NYC, a dairy free snack company based in New York City and served as a catering & events consultant for the Food Arts Center, advising a team of over twenty people.

Supporting a Social Mission

The Food Arts Center (FAC) at Fedcap is a non profit organization, creating opportunities for people with barriers in life through many avenues including job training. Jenna works in partnership with the Food Arts Center to employ graduates of their programs throughout all her lines of business from classes to catering to Jar Bar NYC production. In working with Jenna, you are supporting FAC's social mission and helping to enhance the lives of others.